Driving Range

Driving Range
One Hour Lesson 1,500,000 VND
This one hour lesson is perfect for the dedicated golfer who is looking for the more in depth lesson.
The hour will include video analysis which will allow working through a number of key areas of the golf swing or the specific area you would like to improve.

30 minute lesson 1,000,000 VND
If time is not on your side than the 30 minute lesson option is exactly what you are after.
There will still be time for the video analysis as well as selecting the most important area for your improvement.

15 minute Focus Tip lesson  500,000 VND
This 15 minute lesson is designed to help you select an area of focus in your golf swing. Whether this is for the set up or a particular part of the swing you will a tip to stay focused on.
This is ideal for just before a round or a day or two out from the big event.
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